Bel Custom Modules incorporates both OEM and ODM design solutions over a wide range of technology fields. We utilize the extensive knowledge of the Bel Global Engineering Teams which allows the fast turnkey application-specific solutions. Bel Custom Modules utilizes our manufacturing expertise which stems from over 30 years of experience manufacturing in Asia to offer a unique range of value-add services to our customers.



Our products have been developed to be easy to design in and provide a faster time to market. Our solutions are optimized to meet the specific requirements that customers are looking for. We offer a wide-range of solutions that make allows us to produce innovative products securely and timely. Our team of experts have built systems and processes to leverage our collective capabilities and the convergence of technologies across all of our industries.  Every one of our customers benefits from using our products that have the best quality in the industry.

We are committed to help our customers achieve their success by providing them with the highest quality product, on time and at a very competitive cost. Close partnerships with our clients and customers is our key mission to delivering visionary results.
We provide:
  • Turnkey/ODM/OEM/CEM Solutions for a diverse range of Global Customers
  • Fast turnaround on Product Designs and Solutions
  • Focused and highly skilled design and development team constantly developing domain knowledge
  • Diverse range of Technologies
  • Manufacturing Partnerships
  • Vertical Integration – Add value where possible
  • Diversity of product offering - that enables a supply of some components “in-house” allowing for an overall reduction in the Bill of Material cost
  • Concept and Ideas Development
  • Hardware & Software Design
  • Mechanical design and 3D Modeling
  • Compliance Testing – UL/CE/FCC
  • Customer Design Review
  • Optimize Global Footprint
  • Product Documentation
  • Performance Evaluation
  • System Architecture
  • Industrial Design and User Interface Development
  • Reliability and Compliance Engineering
  • Build and Configure to order
  • SMT and Wave Soldering
  • BGA X-Ray
  • ICT (In Circuit Testing)
  • Functional Testing
  • Burn In/Run In
  • DFM (Design for Manufacturing)
  • DFT (Design for Test)
  • OQC reporting – First Pass Yields
  • Custom Traceability Systems
  • Direct support from Engineering Team
  • Reference Design Platforms for Customer Evaluation
  • Design Check Service
  • Dedicated Engineer for Validated Programs